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Weekend News

Busy Abbotsford Weekend

Canadian Black History Month

John Ware, Alberta's First Black Cowboy

1. Happy Monday. I enjoyed the sunshine, but it was a busy news weekend in British Columbia. If you look to the east right now the sun is rising into wispy light clouds, dark purple, then orange, now pink – the colours are incredible. Black History Month is in full swing in Abbotsford. Choirs are belting it out, newspapers are writing articles, and everyone is talking about it.

2. Rick Guenther from Abbotsford is challenging the President of the BC Teachers Federation, Susan Lamperth, for the leadership position. Rick says the teachers union needs to improve its image, which frankly makes sense. And he’d like the teachers to consider fundamental changes, to reflect on the current state of education and to project ahead to where we would like to be. Again, makes sense, considering the education reform going on around the world.

Rick Guenther

3. Another top news story was the introduction of a new service in BC for collecting child support. Simmi Sara of CNKW Radio said that 98,000 BC dads are in arrears and 5,000 of them are in arrears to multiple women. I believe the Vancouver Sun reported that the total Canadian child support arrears is $2.7  Billion. These numbers are large, but the average father is only $400 in arrears, despite the last four years of recession, and Ms. Clark’s provincial debt of $3 Billion and Mr. Harper’s Federal debt of $160 Billion. If being in debt is a jailable offence then Ms. Clark and Mr. Harper should lead the way to prison. Ms. Sara said she was shocked at the hatred expressed towards her when she tried to talk about this news item, although she acknowledged that there is a serious problem in British Columbia’s family courts and that some of her own loved ones had been through devastating family court proceedings.
Rick Guenther 47:50 & Deadbeat Dads 30:00 on CKNW

4. In a related story, Jean-Paul Gros on Facebook sent out a link to some French mediation websites. In British Columbia, we have seen Family Justice Centre staff refuse to mediate, simply because one former spouse did not want to mediate. What loving and responsible parent would refuse to mediate? What reasonable and caring parent would refuse to discuss and plan their child’s care? From the website, it appears that throughout France and Europe, fathers are being told to proceed to arrange for mediation as best they can, because judges are going to hold parents who refuse accountable for failing to care for their child.

5. However, if you, or your former spouse, or both suffer from a Personality Disorder, either Borderline or Narsissitic, then Family Justice staff will again refuse to mediate. Jill Egizii just posted this amazing link for training to become an Advanced Parent Coordinator, who will know how to manage high conflict families. This gives future hope for healing or management. BC Parent Coordinators require a $8,000 retainer, which is the same as refusing to mediate for families in financial devastation.

6. Here’s a link from Australian parents who interestingly are highlighting the work of a Canadian scientist, Professor Nicholas Bala, from Queen’s University in Ontario. Dr. Bala looked at 74 Australian cases of child alienation and has found a significant spike since 2006.

That was a watershed year in the Land Down Under because feminists duped the entire island – a big island at that – into believing perjury, knowingly false allegations, and parental alienation were all junk science and myths.

Now stop for a minute to consider how a group of people, believing in a disproven sociological theory called feminism could convince an entire nation that perjury in the courthouse was a myth. It’s nothing, if not astounding!

But as the Australian story goes, this is what legislators accepted as the facts, and therefore altered the 2006 Family Law (Shared Parental Responsibility) act, and in the process removed penalties against Perjury and Knowingly False Allegations, as well as removing the Friendly Parent provision (otherwise known as the Anti-Parental Alienation provision).

So here we have a nation that recognized that parental alienation existed, created laws to stop this horrific child abuse, and then withdrew the law six years ago. Again I say, astounding! So the illness grew into an epidemic.

“This naive, incorrect and in many regards disingenuous claim has been slammed by many family law professionals, including Judges and Magistrates, who claim that the bulk of the work of all jurisdictions dealing with family law proceedings today are spent on just that, dealing with False Allegations, relating to Domestic Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse, and attempting to serve the best interests of children who have been significantly alienated from their parent, due to the ulterior motives of the other parent.”

Last Year, 22 Nations Participated In The 6th Annual International Parental Alienation & Bubbles of Love Day. Only 78 Days Till This Year’s Event.

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