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Why Be Aware?

This page was created on Apr 9, 2010 to provide support by offering resources and references in regard to parental alienation. In 2011, the author became aware that many cities around the world had declared themselves parental alienation aware & started a web presence to make Abbotsford City aware. This information is provided with the understanding that the blog is not providing any legal, mental health, or other professional service. The information is not designed to replace the services of a qualified mental health professional, attorney, or expert in parental alienation. The page is maintained by Kevin Pedersen, a homemaker and alienated dad. He may be contacted at, kevinpedersen1@hotmail.com. This page does not represent the opinion of any professional organization. Nothing on this site should be construed as offering professional or therapeutic recommendations. This blog does however attempt to dispel the myth that parental alienation is nothing more than junk science or a misused theory. Hopefully, others will review the references and resources. At first the author was just trying to learn anything he could about how to heal parental alienation. Then he noticed blogger, Monika Logan, at ParentalAlienationSupport.com saying most of her articles cite parental alienation experts that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. While responding to local elections and law reforms as they happen, the author does try to provide the sources of any statistics. Parental alienation is emotional abuse. To eradicate this form of abuse requires education, advocacy, awareness, and empirical advancement.

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