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PA Website 101

How To Use Our Parental Alienation Awareness Website
There’s so much to know about our powerful Parental Alienation Awareness website. Below is a screen shot of our home page and I’ve attached a link so if you click anywhere on the image you will be taken directly to our website. But there are so many activities coming up in April in communities around the world that you might want to take a moment to browse through these helpful hints and take our walk-through first to get your bearings.

1. One of the major things we do is get proclamations from cities, states, provinces, and even countries. Of course the easiest place to get a proclamation is in a small town. But if you are a dedicated volunteer, you will find helpful tools to assist you towards these big changes.


2. Another major thing we do, besides our proclamations, is our Bubbles of Love Campaign. People all around the world blow soap bubbles on April 25th at noon their time. These bubbles represent love and they’re a great way to raise awareness and education because they are a great draw to the crowd. Kids in local parks love to blow soap bubbles, and the bubble kits are relatively inexpensive at your local dollar store. When the kids come over to blow bubbles you can take the opportunity to hand out a PA pamphlet to their parents or just tell them how important it is for our global future that the whole world moves away from promoting parental conflict in divorce.

Abbotsford Gur Sikh Temple 1908

There are 88 registered churches in Abbotsford. These groups are always excited to spread love around the world. Each year our churches gang together to create Love Abbotsford, which is a day of random acts of kindness. We could harness some of that energy, connecting up local churches and youth groups to have another day of  kindness, on April 25th with a focus on family and community. The Bubbles of Love Campaign would already seem to be a goal of our community.

3. This year some energetic PAAO leaders have arranged a Guiness Book of World Records Challenge for the most people blowing bubbles at the same time. Considering the two dozen nations involved, we should achieve this record, although time zones may pose a problem.

4. Below is our Walk-Through video of the PA awareness website. It makes a start at explaining things, like what to expect when you volunteer, activities you can create in your community, clear instructions from those who have gone before, and pamphlets, brochures, posters, and website codes available to help you make these big changes happen. Even if only one person shows up you are still a big success. Together we can make Abbotsford and the world aware of Parental Alienation.




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