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Family Day Coming to BC

BC Celebrates Families

It’s Family Day in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Family Day was first held in Canada in the province of Alberta in 1990. It is supposed to reflect the values of family and home that were important to the pioneers who founded Alberta, and give workers the opportunity to spend more time with their families. Family Day was introduced in Saskatchewan in 2007 and in Ontario in 2008. One of the reasons for introducing Family Day was that there was a long period when there were no holidays from New Year’s Day until Good Friday.

Holidays to celebrate families are also held in other places around the globe. In the Australian Capital Territory, the first Tuesday of November is known as Family and Community Day. In South Africa, the day after Easter Sunday is Family Day.

Healthy Social Media

Susan Delacourt

Today on The Current, CBC Radio talked about the rules of ethical reporting and complained that citizen reporters and social media users don’t know the rules and tend to be salacious. I think that all this gossip, while dramatic might been salubrious. Ok, that’s enough with the big words. There was a basic discussion on the rules of journalism: the article has to be relevant to one’s public work, involve money, cannot involve health matters or hurt children or innocent parties. Reporting on politicians should be in the public interest.

If we could talk about all the political decisions in Abbotsford and how they get made, I hope it would lead to healthier operations. The first city council meeting this year on Jan 9th was six minutes long. All decisions were made earlier in the day at the executive meeting. This is the way our schools operate as well. There is very little oversight, because no one knows what the heck is going on in Abbotsford politics.

Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith, the editor of The Georgia Strait, a Vancouver weekly newspaper, thinks the private lives of public figures should be fair game. He points to the gossip sheet, Frank, that reports any naughty bits about politicians. He goes on to say political reports have been protecting politicians since John A. MacDonald. Susan Delacourt, a senior writer for the Toronto Star agrees that  the Canadian government is just too comfortable, telling people what they can report on but warns we should read Frank with skepticism.

Political Protest Via Twitter

What do you get when you win Twitter? Who would have guessed Canada’s Public Safety Minister would be today’s internet star? Following the trend of taking political protest to the web, a hashtag has been created called Tell Vic Everything. It’s ridiculous. It’s addictive. And it’s hilarious. University students and regular Canadians have been telling Minister Toews the mundane matters of their day and copying Vic’s Twitter handle to make sure he get the message. Things like, my dog pooped in Northern Ontario and I didn’t pick it up or my computer crashed, could you send me a list of my passwords? I think Minister Toews would say that social media users, like the blogger who exposed his messy divorce and financial details are morally loose. On the other hand Mr. Toews waves his finger at Canadians, telling same sex couples they cannot marry and all of us that we cannot divorce. Maybe his divorce is in the public interest? Or at least hypocrisy.

MP Toews (Left)

After the identity of the exposé  blogger was traced back to the Parliament buildings, CBC Radio in it’s news article, Vikileaks, suggests that if this person is hiding behind the annonymity of the house of commons to launch personal attacks on Minister Toews, it will be another story entirely.

 .PDF Files vs Pedophiles

A lot of Canadians were looking to Scouts Canada to say it always had a policy of reporting child sex abuse to the police and that abuse was not a Scouting problem either historically or contemporarily. But Scouting leaders, like so many school and church leaders feared losing the pubic’s confidence and trust. Some crazy ideas were tried by Scout leaders. When a pedophile sent a note to a child, local parents tried to be handwriting experts. Compare this to the Catholic Church which created a pedophile school to teach all it’s abusive priests how to control their impulses or Canadian public schools that put camera’s in schools to watch impulsive teacher’s to stop them from being pedophiles. When we look at the conduct of so many Canadian judges, one has to wonder if the Scouting, Church, or School parents had known and referred these problems to law enforcement sooner, if the outcome would have been much different. There is a huge connection between pedophilia and parental alienation. Both are life-long problems, both are covered up by so many powerful forces. Many mentally ill people can be both alienators and pedophiles. The best way to make a child vulnerable to sex abuse is to alienate them from a protective parent. We need good public health policy instead of all this muck and murk. In fact, the number one symptom of any histrionic or borderline patient is the large number of lives they cripple with drama and havoc. If we had effective and Canada-wide public health measures, would we still need to use such harsh disciplinary and criminal penalties and destroy so many lives that are only peripherally involved in the original mental illness? Why doesn’t all this focus on child sex abuse lead to clear, just public policies?

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