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Healing The Hurting Through Music

Whitney Houston with Family

Good Saturday morning. In tribute to Whitney and alienated families here’s some audio sites and digital songs for you. This is the music edition of Make Abby Aware.

Whitney Houston’s Funeral Today in Newark, NJ

Whitney’s funeral is streaming online. The church, where Whitney’s powerful voice first wowed the congregation, is heavy with flowers. All week long fans have been leaving candles, messages of love, and little gifts at the church. Her cousin, Dion Warwick is expected, as is Kevin Costner, her co-star from the movie the Bodyguard.

CBC Creates It’s Own Blog Radio


Sheryl MacKay

The number one app in Canada this week is CBC Digital Music and this website is getting pounded with traffic. It’s so much fun to just go and play there. There is no one size fits all, everyone is different. They have ten classical, five jazz channels, and 125,000 songs organized into genre communities, you can arrange into your own playlist. George Strombo and Jian Gomeshi often speak with singer songwriters or put the music into context. I’m listening to North by Northwest now and she’s playing My Backyard by a Powell River band, The Good Lovelies and another traditional song, Pistols At Dawn by the Abbotsford band, Old Mare.


Lawyer Catalogs Jill Egizii’s Blog Radio

Dr. Kathleen has so many more connections and resources than I do, you should check out her website here. She found Mr. Leon Koziol, a US lawyer involved in family cases, who has cataloged Jill Egizii’s blog radio shows onto one web page. Mr. Koziol’s thing is car motorcades. Instead of Bubbles of Love, he gets as many concerned parents into their cars as he can and occupies a US roadway. In the computer world we call this convergence – when all the different parts of a system start moving toward the same goal. Mr. Koziol calls it “building momentum.”

Canada Sings Freedom

Ann Cavoukian

Here’s two updates on the Vic Toews story. The website, Vikileaks30, which allegedly reported the details of the Toews finances and divorce, was taken off the internet last night. And Mr. Toews himself seems to be standing down from his controversial position on privacy saying,

“If fair-minded Canadians, have come to the conclusion that my comments, that I made in the heat of Parliament, were not appropriate, I’m prepared to accept their opinion. …I have fought for the rights of children for years. I was a child protection lawyer for the province of Manitoba. Substantive [internet] content cannot be accessed without a warrant.”

Ontario Privacy Commissioner, Ann Cavoukian responded, suggesting Bill 12 promotes and enables surviellance. It depends what the Minister means by “substantive content.” I’m also concerned about the “exceptional circumstances” clause. The act extends way beyond criminal acts to non-criminal acts. The warrant-less access and re-configuring of tele-communications system to allow for a backdoor for police is worrisome. Look at the Arab Spring. We should value freedom more than this.

Why This Murderous Rage, Girl?

Mike Cammalleri

This is a great story! I hardly know where to start. In Southern India there is a common phrase that young boys say to girls. “Why this kolaveri di?” translates sort of like English boys ask “What’s up girl?”  The literal translation is, “Why this murderous rage, girl?”  An Indian singer-songwriter was just playing around with this song and his draft version was released on the internet and went viral, receiving, by this morning, 40 million hits. Now that it has been played on CBC Radio, that number will surely rise. This song was voted top song of the year by CNN, not CNN Asia, – CNN Worldwide!

There’s a hockey player, named Mike Cammalleri, who moved from the Montreal Canadiens to the Calgary Flames hockey team. An Indian comedian from Quebec, wrote a song called “Why did Cammalleri leave?” to the same tune as “Why this kolaveri di?”

There’s even a Chinese version and an Austrlian version. The singer’s name is DaNush and the video of this internet phenonmenon is below.

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