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Men, Women, And Change

End of Men Conference Boston University Law School OCT 2012

Welcome to your weekend. And it’s a wet one. Our endless summer is over. British Columbia south coast rainfall warning: 50-100mm of rain over the next day, with some areas receiving up to 200mm. Here’s a fun news video from Boston about changing gender roles.

The End of Men

Earlier this year, women became the majority of the workforce for the first time in U.S. history. Most managers are now women too. And for every two men who get a college degree this year, three women will do the same. For years, women’s progress has been cast as a struggle for equality. But what if equality isn’t the end point? What if modern, postindustrial society is simply better suited to women? A report on the unprecedented role reversal now under way— and its vast cultural consequences.

Hanna Rosin, an Atlantic senior editor, is the author of the book The End of Men based on her story in the July/August 2010 Atlantic. She was also invited this weekend, October 13, 2012, to the Boston University Law School for a conference about our changing gender roles. In this article, she said she was looking forward to meeting many of the academic sources for her research.

The internet is all a-twitter this weekend with posts about “The End of Men” on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. And it will only spread from this viral beginning. Ms. Rosin says she knows the title is controversial, but she is a newspaper journalist and never gets to choose her own titles. When she wrote her book, she could have changed the title to The End of Machismo or the The End of Testosterone, but this one seems to be working for everyone. Her argument is that it doesn’t matter that men and boys are stronger because it doesn’t help you get a job in a knowledge-based economy, where social intelligence and the ability to communicate are key skills. Many call centres work out of India, where women are able to learn English faster than men. Hannah argues that India, China, and Korea were historically some of our most patriarchial societies, but because of their rapidly developing economies, have brought women into their workforces almost overnight. Meanwhile, men around the world, including India, are being beaten or encarcerated for being unemployed. Academics call this hyper-encarceration.

Feminism: The Third Wave

The Pink Women of India, is a feminist group that beats men with sticks if they are drunk, unemployed, or involved in violence against women. Far from being a disgraced sociological theory, feminism seems to be starting it’s third wave, at least with the Pink Women and the men who support them.

Teaching Cooperation

The Feminist Studies textbook, University of Victoria, 1989. Feminism has been removed from every Canadian university but not from any family law court.

I studied feminism at the University of Victoria on Vancouver Island in 1989, because it was the law. Anyone who wanted to be a nurse was required to study feminism. The government of Canada wanted to teach women to be more assertive, so it made feminist studies a legal nursing requirement, before investigating whether feminist theory was actually sound. By the time feminism was removed from all Canadian universities it had been presented to an entire generation of women and some men. The photo to the right is our textbook. Today everyone is preaching cooperation between those caring for children – even between parents and teachers. Imagine where we might be today if instead of telling women they should be angry at men, we had mandated a sociological theory that told caregivers to co-operate with each other for the sake of everyone’s future.

Increasing Child Support

The Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia, in September 2012 created what it calls Paper 5.1 to explain child and spousal support under the new Family Law Act about to come into effect in British Columbia in April 2013.

Mostly BC’s new Family Law Act seems to be an even greater money grab by the Provincial government to get child support out of grandparents, guardians, step-parents, and other non-parents. Fathers and Families website has presented a wonderful argument that Canada’s Child Support Guidelines hurt children because they are based on the thirty-year-old notion that what is important to children is the life of the custodial parent and her household and whatever happens to everyone else around the children is unimportant. The new “reformed” law seems to only strenghten this archaic and hurtful feminist ideology.

Check out Child Support Under the New Family Law Act.

PAS in Latin America

It’s always great to hear from other parents around the world fighting the war against parental alienation. To the right is a screen shot of a new Facebook page I like. Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is called Syndrome d’Aliénation Parentale (SAP) in the french language and Síndrome de Alienación Parental (SAP) in spanish. When I quickly Googled PAS, I found two articles on alienation, but when I Googled SAP, I found none. Abbreviations like PAS and SAP are useful for mini social media platforms that use 140 characters. You can find this Latin American Facebook page about parental alienation by searching for Asociacion Latinoamericana contra el Sindrome de Alienacion Parental.

Falls lit for domestic violence month

The American and Canadian Falls and the Peace Bridge were lit in purple to commemorate Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Together we can create healthier communities and safer environments for children and families. If you need help escaping an abusive situation, find resources at Fraser Valley Women’s Resource Society or Abbotsford Community Services.

Abby Family Center Dad’s Seminar

Fathering: The Importance of Being a DAD!

With Guest Speaker Jeff Mclean

Why dads should be involved in the lives of their children
 Current learning/research supporting Dads involvement with their children
 How to motivate Dads
 Insight into why guys do what they do, and how they think
 Resources available to families

When: Monday, October 15th from 1:00 – 2:00 PM
Where: In the Gallery at Family Centre – the Parenting Place
Laurel Street, Abbotsford (just behind the Royal Bank)
Cost: $2 Registration fee

Registration is required.
Contact Family Centre @ 604-859-7681 for registration and more information.
There will be no childcare available for this seminar.

No Shave November

Embrace your inner lumberjack. Click here to GET HAIRY FOR CHARITY! Here’s a feminist blog with over 2,000 followers, that asks the question, “No Shave November is just for men, right?

No one in my family thinks cancer is sexy. That’s because our father is a cancer survivor. Last time I had a PSA test my result was 0.5 and I was told any result greater than 1.4 was worrisome and might require further testing. Since then doctors have realized that we do not have a really good test for prostate cancer. So we have backed off and said any PSA result greater than 4.0 will be considered an abnormal result. And as I reported in this post, scientists are searching for a new indicator for this type of cancer. Last week my PSA result came back at 2.7 What’s yours, Mo Bros?

Make Abbotsford Aware thanks our Breast Friends and Mo Sistas for their support and fully supports breast cancer and ALL cancer research. Once in a while, even men get breast cancer. And it ain’t sexy.

La fête des bulles d’amour – 25 avril, 2013
Ensemble, nous sommes capables de beaucoup.
Il n’y a que 192 jours avant la journée de sensibilisation!

Bubbles Of Love Day – April 25, 2013
Together We Can Make A Difference
Only 192 days till Awareness Day!

Favourite Links

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Canadian Children’s Rights Council – Conseil canadien des droits des enfants





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