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Facts For Families

A kindergarten class in Firmi, France. Most students have Wednesday off, but the French government wants to add a half day of school for 3 to 11 year-olds starting in September. By NICOLA CLARK, Published: February 11, 2013

French Plan to Add to Already Lengthy School Days

Angers Parents and Teachers

PARIS — For more than a century, the lengthy school days of French children have been punctuated by a midweek day off, in recent decades for most children on Wednesdays, originally created for catechism studies.

The long hours and peculiar weekly rhythm have been criticized as counterproductive to learning and blamed for keeping women out of the full-time work force, as well as widening inequalities between rich and poor because of the demands they place on working parents. Yet the Wednesday break has remained a fulcrum of French family life.

With all that in mind, the government of President François Hollande recently issued a decree introducing a half day of school on Wednesdays for children 3 to 11 starting in September, while reducing the school day by 45 minutes the rest of the week. Read more of this NY Times article.

Digital Learning Day 722X320

Digital Learning Day: A Global Perspective

It’s ironic that on this second annual Digital Learning Day, the U.S. Postal Service announced that it wants to end mail service on Saturdays. We truly are at tipping point where digital is taking over the print and analog world and today’s students will be experiencing even more of this change throughout their lives.

Global Kids, an award-winning in-school and afterschool New York City youth program, is joining millions of U.S. students today participating in activities that spotlight successful instructional technology practice in the classroom. Read the Huffington Post article by Evie Hantzopoulos Feb 7, 2013.

Dad's Territory

The Missing Piece from Education Reform: Dads

(CNN) – There is no shortage of answers about how to improve our nation’s schools, including more charter schools, school vouchers, standardized testing, lower teacher-student ratios and performance-based hiring, pay and promotion of teachers.

However, what we find lacking in almost every debate about education reform is the role of families – especially fathers – and the support they can and should provide to ensure children’s educational success.

If parents, educators and reformers are to make a difference in improving children’s educational success, we must expand our definition of education reform. We must move beyond the myopic focus on education systems and implement tactics that include a more prominent place for parent involvement in schools. Read the rest of the CNN special by Christopher Brown and Vincent DiCaro.

Missing Dads

Helping Teens With Stress

Not all children grow from infancy through their adolescent years without experiencing some bumps along the way. While every child is unique and special, sometimes they encounter emotions, feelings or behavior that cause problems in their lives and the lives of those around them. Families often worry when their child or teenager has difficulty coping with things, feels sad, can’t sleep, gets involved with drug, or can’t get along with family or friends.

The AACAP developed Facts for Families to provide concise and up-to-date information on issues that affect children, teenagers, and their families. The AACAP provides this important information as a public service and the Facts for Families may be duplicated and distributed free of charge as long as the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is properly credited and no profit is gained from their use.

The AACAP has produced the Facts for Families in English and Spanish. Other translations available on the WWW, while perhaps based on the original, were created independently and without benefit of AACAP review. Here are the facts for families.

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La fête des bulles d’amour – le 25 avril, 2013
Ensemble, nous sommes capables de beaucoup.
Il n’y a que 72 jours avant la journée de sensibilisation!

Bubbles Of Love Day – April 25, 2013
Together We Can Make A Difference
Only 72 days till Awareness Day!

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