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Bubbles of Love Day

Bubbles of Love Day

Bubbles of Love Day was celebrated in countries around the world on April 25th. The movement is growing and we see schools and cities across Canada joining in on Pink Shirt Day, Bubbles of Love Day, Gay-Straight Alliances, Bell’s Let’s Talk about Mental Illness Campaign and Clara’s Big Ride for Addiction and Mental Health Awareness Campaign. These are serious issues that schools sometimes like to avoid. Including schools in these school safety initiatives makes sense because children spend at least 6 hours/day at school, especially since the creation of before and after school day care centers. As more schools and healthcare centers get involved in parental alienation awareness, we will be able to build community and relationships, changes laws and promote overall health. The choice is ours. Together we can end parental alienation.

4 Candidates

My Election – BC Provincial

I live in an electoral riding called Abbotsford-Mission. Here are my four big party candidates.

Aird Flavelle is very active in Abbotsford politics, and is running as a Member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly (MLA) with the BC-Green party. Both the Federal leader, Elizabeth May, and BC Green party leader, Jane Sterk, are beloved, cherished, and often called hard-working and ethical.

The Fraser Valley ends in a box canyon, and air pollution gets trapped in the canyon and backs up over Abbotsford. Worse the city of Vancouver would like to burn its’ waste and re-claim whatever energy it can from the fire. These smoke stacks would probably choke us, just like the SE2 smoke stacks did years ago.

Abbotsford, like other large cities, has water worries. It has been proposed that we spend $65 Million to build a water pump to transport water from the mountains to our city. Water conservation has helped some.

Aird may not be the only one worried about our environment or oil spills, but like others, he’s calling for environmental assessments. Even better, the Greens have a very strong track record of fighting against parental alienation and supporting equal parenting. grn-sterk-285X66

Aird posted this list of all BC Candidates on Facebook.

Preet Rai is an Abbotsford school board trustee, who has taken a month-long leave of absence from the board to run as a Member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly (MLA) with the BC-NDP party for our riding. I have often seen Preet working at school board meetings and he seems like a kind man, who cares about students, children, and families. He doesn’t seem like a “No Dads” kinda guy, but with no stated policy supporting equal parenting, what are we to think? This story leads me to suggest two rules of Abbotsford politics: first which ever parent was the last DPAC Chairperson stands some chance of becoming a school trustee, when a municipal election comes up in 2015.


My second suggested rule: whoever is elected to our school board, stands some chance of becoming a city councillor or more. There are two school trustees running in this BC election to become provincial legislators.

Simon Gibson is an Abbotsford city councillor, who has taken a month-long leave of absence from the council to run to replace Randy Hawes as an MLA with the BC-Liberal party for our riding. Simon is a marathon runner, who gave the opening address at Sunday’s MS WALK at Upper Sumas Elementary School. He’s also a marathon politician, having been a councillor for some 30 years.

I am disappointed that the Liberals did not bring in a new family law that helped children deal with the problem of being forced to choose which parent they love more during divorce. Still the BC Liberals did bring in a new family court form that allows you to check a box saying you would like to enforce your parenting time order. It will probably take you years to use this form without a lawyer, but it’s more than any other politicians have done for children across Canada in decades and we need to acknowledgelib-clark-285X66 that. Some say parents will look for excuses to get divorced in British Columbia, where they stand the best chance of being allowed parenting time. I believe Canada’s ridiculous Divorce Act is going to quickly collapse because taxpayers no longer want to fund our scandalous family courts. There is also the issue of so many American states – ten so far – that have already brought in a strong presumption of equal parenting or, as in the case of the state of Arkansas, “a presumption IN FAVOUR of equal parenting.”

This story leads to suggested rule number three: whoever is elected to our city council stands some chance of becoming a provincial legislator and 16 city servants around our province are running in this general election.con-cummins-285x66

I was not able to speak with Don Stahl, before the all candidates meeting on May 7, but I was able to find him online by searching for a conservative candidate. There are 60 conservatives in this election. Don commented that there are 4 more independents who will immediately cross the floor to the conservatives as soon as they are elected. If you type the name of your riding and the word candidate into Google hopefully that will find all your candidates.

Abbotsford-Mission Independent Candidates

3 candidates independent

On May 7, I went to our All Candidates Meeting at Christian Life Assembly Church and met three new candidates:
Marcus Halliday, said the Excalibur Party believes in truth, honour and justice and at 18 years old, clearly advocated for youth, saying students need buses. Liberal Simon Gibson thanked Marcus for all his work with the Abbotsford-Mission Transportation Committee, but said lite rail and bus systems are big ticket capital expenses. Simon hopes our next transportation development will be bus service to Chilliwack. Presently Greyhound costs $17.64 return on a weekday. Don Stahl added to this conversation stating that 87% of Abbotsford residents use their car, and 5000 of us commute over the new Port Mann toll bridge to Vancouver at a price of $9,000/year. The toll is $7 or $14 return. If a commuter works five days/week, the bill should be $3,640/year – still a crazy price as part of our new user-pays philosophy.

Roman Bojczuk stated that as an independent he would only be one of 85 Members of our Provincial Legislature but he valued integrity and was committed to democracy. He said he would listen to the concerns of the people of Mission-Abbotsford and would work to resolve them.

Wendy Bales explained her activities on boards and committees and apparently has sat as a Director on the Fraser Valley Regional District Electoral Area C which includes the Hemlock Valley area. She spoke eloquently about the Gravel issue. She lamented that there was no process for resolving the conflicts between stakeholders, or between the BC Mines Act and Local Bylaws. She said there have been overlapping interests and cumulative impacts from land-based gravel extraction in our area. Conservative Don Stahl added that water-based extraction from the gravel bars of the Fraser River disrupts salmon habitat.

My Election – Abbotsford District Parent Council

It looks like our Abbotsford School District #34 Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) elections are actually going to go ahead as they are written in our DPAC Constitution. There has been some discussion among parents as to how to interpret the constitution’s instructions to hold nominations in April and an election in May. I suspect that after years of no elections, there is some resistance to holding a vote at all. But elections are healthy. If any Abbotsford parent of a current K-12 student would like to run for office, I heartily encourage you to get involved in education. Just email your name to the Abbotsford DPAC [dpac.sd34(at)gmail.com] and then show up for the vote on May 23rd. All jobs are open. It would be wise for you to read our Constitution first, so you know what kind of organization you are joining. Copies are only available at the school board office.

Bullying: Parental Silence and School Choice

You don’t ignore things to make them go away, you face them, you hit them head on, and you speak about it.

BC School Trustee’s AGM In Kelowna

The BC School Trustee’s Association (BCSTA) held it’s Annual General Meeting in Kelowna April 26 – 28. The big excitment was a push to ask the Provincial Government to change The School Act to allow the creation of Student Trustees, because students are often those most affected by school trustee’s decisions. The 112-99 vote was a disappointment for Vancouver trustees who had drafted the resolution in the hope of giving students a greater voice in their education. Read Janet Steffenhagen on the AGM vote.

BCCPAC’s AGM In Richmond

Susan Wilson (treasurer) and Bonnie  Krisher (director) were re-elected to a second term.

Susan Wilson (treasurer) and Bonnie Krisher (director) were re-elected to a second term.

The British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils (BCCPAC) held its Annual General Meeting on May 4th. This is a wonderful nonprofit student and family advocacy group. BCCPAC represents the District Parent Advisory Councils (DPAC), and Parent Advisory Councils (PAC) from every public school district in the province. Collectively, we represent the parents of the children in BC. Parents gathered from all over BC at the Hilton Hotel in Richmond and voting was held to select members of the executive for the next 2 year term. If you feel your family is in trouble at school and you have already tried to talk to the teacher with no results, I can tell you what BCCPAC would say about that…

Join the PAC. Get involved in education and try to make things better. It will make a big difference in your life.


La fête des bulles d’amour – le 25 avril, 2014
Ensemble, nous sommes capables de beaucoup.
Il n’y a que 351 jours avant la journée de sensibilisation!

Bubbles Of Love Day – April 25, 2014
Together We Can Make A Difference
Only 351 days till Awareness Day!

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