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New approaches to divorce with children: A problem of public health

December 13, 2016 Leave a comment

A Hopeful New Approach To Divorce in 2017

Here we are in the middle of December and Canadians are dealing with snow from coast to coast to coast. The holidays are a time to appreciate friends, family, and food… but they can also add to stress, especially for families facing endless divorce proceedings because it’s really hard watching your parents split up. His Honourable Lordship Mr. Justice Brownstone in Toronto, Dr. Edward Kruk in Vancouver in Canada and the National Parenting Organization in the United States are all reporting on the significant amount of animal and human research that proves that parental loss can be fatal to living beings. I relate this serious public health problem to Failure To Thrive disease. By definition, failure to thrive is when the efforts of a living being to continue life,pediatric-massage-pic-2 internally or externally, ultimately cease.

Medically, when a child is diagnosed with failure to thrive, their weight gain and rate of growth is said to be significantly less than that of other children or babies within their age range. Although Failure to Thrive can be caused by an array of developmental conditions such as cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and birth defects, there are also significant studies that show how emotional deprivation plays an important role in the thriving nature of infants and children regardless of their medical condition.

This type of research shows that parental loss either by death or divorce can be a serious adverse biological or acute health problem for children by creating fatal imbalances in blood chemistry and serum hormone levels, including Adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH), Growth hormone, Oxytocine, Thyroid hormones, C-reactive protein levels, and Thyroid Stimulating hormone (TSH). The Endocrine system is the master switch controlling many of our mind and body systems, which is why parental interference or loss can be so devastating to child health. The classic example of emotional deprivation leading to intense social pressure and extreme and even fatal social isolation are orphanages with no sensory stimulation, nurturing touch or even palliative care services within the institutions and childcare settings. Of course Canadian parents immediately think about our one thousand divorce judges and their false suggestion that our Divorce Act provides them with the authority to routinely apprehend children without evidence of abuse, creating our public health crisis for children of divorce. For children who believe they caused the divorce, blame contributes to anxiety and intense distress. Here’s the journal report New Approaches to Divorce by Vittorio Carlos Vezzetti.

There is related research being published in January 2017 that talks about the “cycle of abuse.” This research proves that early, effective treatments in child maltreatment cases can break the cycle of intergenerational abuse. This research also looks at transmission mechanisms of abuse from one generation to the next, the prevalence and the characteristics of this child abuse. cycle-of-abuse A maternal history of childhood maltreatment is thought to be a potent risk factor for child abuse and neglect. Ms. Bartlett et al from Tuft University in Massachusetts found that when mothers had at least one report of childhood maltreatment (substantiated or not), the odds that they maltreated their children increased by 72% (OR = 2.52), compared to mothers who are not maltreated, but the odds were considerably lower when we limited analysis to substantiated reports. Yet the likelihood of children experiencing multiple maltreatment perpetrated with their mothers identified as perpetrators increased over 300% when mothers had a childhood history of multiple maltreatment. Research like this may completely change Canada’s divorce courts who will now have an important role to play not only in identifying transmission factors, but also in using this kind of information to develop prevention and intervention strategies that can truly break the cycle of abuse. Hopefully these new approaches will also end our present arbitrary and unjust child apprehension system that until now has rarely created prevention or public health orders. In some public school hallways in Abbotsford, unaware public health nurses have been directly involved in thwarting this type of awareness and prevention work. Perhaps medical and nursing schools, like law schools, need to more fully address this important public health problem which leads to potentially avoidable mortality. As I have written before, the potential years of life lost (PYLL) for our children is almost an entire lifetime. Here’s the journal report Child Abuse and Neglect by Jessica Dym Bartlett, Chie Kotake, Rebecca Fauth, and Ann Easterbrooks at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.

There are only 130 days until International Parental Alienation Awareness Day and Bubbles of Love Day on April 25, 2017 when we will all get another chance to work together to stop this cycle.


L’intimidation s’arrête ici! Bullying Stops Here.

Pink Shirt Day in Canada

Pink Shirt Day in Parliament

Québec déposera un projet de loi contre l’intimidation

L'intimidation s'arrête ici!

Il semble que Lise et ses membres à ANCQ doivent avoir des équipes pour faire face à des questions spéciales pour les enfants comme l’intimidation. Quand j’ai demandé à Lise sur la lutte contre l’intimidation, elle m’a envoyé ce lien Quebecs nouvelle loi anti-intimidation. Quand j’ai cherché pour l’anti-intimidation en Nouvelle-Écosse, j’ai trouvé ce lien dernières années, de nouveaux Cyber-intimidation loi. Le jour de la chemise rose est une façon amusante de faire cesser l’intimidation, mais aussi, les lois l’arreter.

A Fighting Chance in South Africa

Abbotsford School District Votes For Two-Week Spring Break For 9th Consecutive Year

50% of British Columbia’s School Boards have a one week Spring Break, because they say the Minister of Education recommended it. The other 50% have a two week Spring Break, because they say closing the schools for 5 days will save money. We can all agree that flippantly proposing different routines annually, based on no real science or research, inconveniences the public and damages the reputation of teachers, their union, and school boards. But I further argue this uncertainty and lack of routine is a public health and safety risk created by the Minister of Education based on the following three facts.

1. Almost nothing is more important to a child than a stable routine. Almost no one should know this better than teachers – except parents. Divorced parents have gone to court thousands of times, often spending thousands of dollars each to try to force confused family court judges to establish routines that allow children to maintain existing parent-child relationships, especially with their fathers. When the  School Board flippantly changes a community’s routines, it hurts children in many ways, but most notably by interfering with yearly educational and childcare planning. Saving money by closing schools for 2 weeks was never a valid excuse. Saving vulnerable children by only closing schools for 1 week and thereby reducing our community’s child care needs misses the point of declaring parent-child relationships paramount. Families should not be under so much stress that closing our schools for 5 days – as might happen in a storm – devastates them and leads to significantly reduced scholastic performance. We have got to give our children, our courts, and our communities a stable routine, and a stable school calendar as a matter of public health.

2. Five years ago our family was in grave distress because a teachers encouraged our daughter not to live with or even speak to me. The first people I told about my family’s distress were teachers in the classroom, the office, at the teachers’ union and the teachers’ professional association. They said the right thing: we are sorry that happened, that should never have happened, we are going to help you. But their help was to give me a phone number. Everything else was a cover up.

The second people I told about my family’s distress were other parents at the PAC, DPAC, and the school board. Being inexperienced, they said the wrong thing: we have known these people for over a decade, we cannot believe they would be involved in anything bad. Not being believed is such a common mistake that police officers and other professionals warn you about this response, when they are teaching people about child abuse. So my first point is that teachers are child development experts. My second point is sometimes experts make mistakes.

Abbotsford School Superintendent Kevin Godden

3. My third point is that my family court has long ago [1998] told me that it believed the best interest of our children was served by sharing all holidays equally. Since I now know which day this new holiday will be created – April 16, 2012 – I could book a court date for April 17, 2012 seeking an order to share this holiday equally, by showing the Honourable Court a copy of the School Board Notice of Motion and Record of the School Board Vote, except our daughter is now 18 years old and working, not to mention busy with her friends.

P.S. Dear Attorney General of British Columbia, do fathers really need to go to family court each April, spending  thousands of dollars on court and lawyer fees, to give our children the gift of Spring Break with Dad, which you and your family judges say is in our children’s best interests, simply because the Minister of Education cannot acknowledge our two week Spring Break and is unable to acknowledge the 50% of other School Districts that also have a two week March Break? Do we really need to vote on our school calendar every year, if it is unchanged from the 2 week break we have had for the last decade? Does this policy place families first? Finally, why do fathers have to wait for a holiday to be parents?

The letter from Abbotsford School Superintendent Kevin Godden regarding the Parent Consultations about our two week Spring Break is here.

Teachers Start Three Day Strike On Monday, March 5

Education Minister George Abbott’s statement about the teacher’s strike and the Education Improvement Act Bill 22 which he calls fair and reasonable,  is here.

The leader of the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, Susan Lampert, says two amazing things in the above video:

1. That BC Teachers were the best in the world, tied with with Norway’s teachers for this honour, but have since fallen to fifth place.

2. That BC Teachers have been falsely accused of manipulating British Columbia’s child protection system by placing union leaders as key decision makers in the teacher discipline system.

First of all, it is not Premier Christy Clark who is asking questions about parental alienation – it is me. In fact, the Premier is trying to cover up parental alienation problems with her sham attempt to reform family law with parental coordinators that cost at least $8,000 each. Second, if the teachers are caught between two bad things: between getting in trouble for exposing parents as alienators, or for going along with alienation and bullying, then all I can say to Susan is  –  welcome to my world. Third, if criminalizing parents as either deadbeat dads or malicious moms is wrong, then isn’t criminalizing teachers as child abusers also wrong? The inevitable outcome of this war between the teachers and British Columbia is that parental alienation will be acknowledged by everyone. Make Teaching a Parental Alienation Aware Profession.

BC Families Scramble For Child Care Ahead of Teachers’ Strike

The Vancouver Sun newspaper report about the public health and safety effect of the teachers’ strike is here.

Ecstasy Overdoses Amongst Students: Drug Task Force Created

The Abbotsford School District has struck a task force to respond to the recent incidents of ecstasy overdoses amongst students in Abbotsford, as well as to review the school district’s and community’s capacity to respond effectively to the issues of student misuse of drugs.

A letter from the Chief Constable, Bob Rich, regarding the drug task force  is here.

Only 53 days till Bubbles of Love
Seulment 53 jours devant Les Bulles d’Amour

Québec rend défi amical à Abbotsford pour soutenir les enfants

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